THE WORLD'S FINEST SNIPER RIFLES In demanding environments where first shot accuracy is critical,
Accuracy International rifles have, for over three decades been the tactical
systems of choice for military and police units worldwide.
Our latest range is the battle hardened product
of this unrivalled experience.
NFM GROUP HJELM HELMET SYSTEM NFM Combat Helmet defines a new paradigm for equipment modularity
and electronics integration without the extra weight and bulk of legacy systems.
Improved capabilities for mission optimization and situational awareness
are complimented by a ballistic shell and liner working to provide the
highest level of protection and comfort available today.
TACMED SOLUTIONS ELEVATE YOUR RESPONSE TacMed is pleased to offer discounts to qualified buyers, including the military,
government employees or agents, and employees of local, state and federal agencies.
As the discounts vary by product, please speak to our customer service team for more information.

Built in-house, exported to the best