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Direct Action Mustang Inner Belt Ranger Green


Our inner belt that works as a stabilizer for the MUSTANG®, WARHAWK® series and MOSQUITO® belts. As it attaches to the inner loop panels of those belts, it prevents ride-up during dynamic movement or when drawing a pistol from a holster. With this belt set-up there’s no need to use suspenders to provide a easy pistol draw. The belt is made of proprietary laminate and covered with molded Velcro® hooks, that are not so aggressive as standard hooks, yet will hold your outer belt on place even during prolonged use.

Size S: 80 – 90 cm / M: 90-100 cm / Size L: 100-110 cm / Size XL: 110-120 cm
Thin profile of the trouser belt effectively eliminates well known “buckle over buckle” discomfort
Made out of proprietary laminate and Velcro® hook
Compatible with both SPITFIRE MK II and the classic SPITFIRE as well as HELLCAT Plate Carriers
Made of elastic webbing
Divided into sections that can accommodate AR/AK/SR/G36 magazine
Additional laminate pull tabs
Anchor points for attaching bungie cord as additional security

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