EARMOR M20T Wireless Earbuds Black


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EARMOR® M20T WIRELESS EARBUDS are in-ear electronic hearing protectors that suppress hazardous noise above 82dB and improve situational awareness and communication in harsh environments. BLUETOOTH connection function can connectdevices in a state of noise reduction, freely listen to music, answer calls or reject calls, share communication and entertainment diversity. Also can last for 8 hours when fully charged, with voice prompts and low battery prompts. Smaller size and lighter weight Compared with traditional headphones. Combines compatibility,portability and comfort.

Clear Voice Tracking

M20T ITSC System equipped with Clear voice tracking technology, which improves the recognition of the voice in the environment, which can optimize the vocal dialogue in the environment, both hearing protection and real-time communication.

Fastest Reation Time

The fastest attack time is about 0.5 ms, which can instantly suppress the ambient sound and protect the user’s hearing from damage.

Three Modes of Noise Reduction

  • Normal hearing and short distance for noise labour
  • Listen to Wireless BT5.3 audio or call
  • Maximum sound and maximum distance

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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