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LedWave XP-1 Trooper Max


The universal tactical light with: antiroll system, 100% tail cap tactical switch, module with shock-insolation system
Colour flashlight: Black (anti-slide rubber layer)
Battery type: 2xCR123A
Functions intensity: High
Led colour: White

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The universal tactical light, antiroll system, 100% tail cap tactical switch. (press for momentary on and press further with click for constant on).
Similar to our Z-1 but with Power LED technology. Anti-roll system. Puts out a smooth, brilliant, pre-focused, tactical-level beam almost double bright than a giant 5-D-cell flashlight-bright enough to temporarily blind and disorient a person by impairing his night-adapted vision and fits all Ledwave accessories for all type of weapons.
Small size, light weight, and astonishing high output makes a perfect tool for law enforcement and military use.
Battery indicator is also featured with greenorange-red LED (high-medium-low charge). Features integral patented shock-isolation system to withstand repeated recoil or mpact.
The XP-1 Trooper is the most of the most for military and police users and carries National Stock Number NSN:6230-99-6133622.
The successful NATO tactical flashlight used in Afganistan now with rubberized high end camouflage finish.


Lumens: 825
Runtime: 120 minutes
Battery capacity indicator: YES
Reach: 239 meters
Weight (w/o batteries): 115 g
Bezel diameter: 32,60 mm Ø
Length: 147 mm

Led colour: White
Led type: CREE Led
Functions intensity: High
Battery type: 2 x CR123A
Colour: Black (anti-slide rubber layer)
Packaging: Blister
Included accesories: Batteries

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 5 cm