Warrior Laser Cut Large Horizontal Individual Fisrt Aid Multicam


Our Laser Cut Large Horizontal IFAK pouch is designed to hold an SF Operator’s medical kit, including multiple Combat Gauze, Chest Seals, CATs, Trauma Bandage and nasopharyngeal Airways. They are all stowed securely in a removable sleeve, which has elasticated pockets and loops for dedicated storage, the inner sleeve then simply slots inside the outer pouch, and held firmly in place by elasticated sides and Velcro.
A large tab with non-slip Hypalon coating is attached to the inner sleeve and once pulled with force releases the inner sleeve from the otter pouch, allowing quick and easy access single-handed operation.

The Laser Cut IFAK has been designed to be attached horizontally to any one of our Warrior belts, by way of 3 MOLLE arms, spread over 5 laser cut slots.

Engineered from our high-quality composite laminate material and manufactured using our state of the art advanced laser cutting machines.

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Additional information

Weight 152 g
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 5 cm