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Clawgear PMAG Legalizer Minus 20 RDS 3-Pack












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The PMAG® Legalizer is intended to be installed into 30 round Magpul® PMAG® magazines of 2nd or 3rd generation to reduce the capacity down to 10 rounds. Installation of this high-quality product made from glass fiber reinforced polymer is simple and does not require any tools. No permanent modification of the magazine is necessary.

NOTE: The user is responsible for knowing applicable laws in any jurisdiction that restricts magazines based on capacity or regulates magazine capacity. Make sure to check all laws and regulations in your country to determine the legality of your magazines.

Magpul® and PMAG® are registered trademarks owned by Magpul Industries Corp. Neither Clawgear, nor TMH Trading GmbH are affiliated in any manner with or otherwise endorsed by, Magpul Industries Corp. For genuine Magpul products and parts visit www.magpul.com.

Magazine capacity:
20 rds


13 cm
Length packed:
23.4 cm
6 cm
Width packed:
13 cm
1 cm
Height packed:
1.3 cm
0.054 kg
Weight packed:
0.072 kg


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm